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Polymer Battery Electrode Die Cutting Machine

1. Power: 500W
2. Max cutting die size: 400mm*300mm
3. Cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm
4. Air cylinder: maximum 5 ton pressure

Laboratory Lithium Polymer Battery Electrode Die Cutting Machine for Pilot Production Line

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TOB-MQ400 semi-automatic electrode die cutter is used for pouch cell electrode sheet cut for stacking pouch cell battery. It is a necessary tool in the production line of pouch cell to produce specific shapes of cathodes and anodes with current collector tabs. 

This Semi Automatic Die Cutter machine adopts Safety Curtain built in the front of the machine and double start button ensures operation safety when electrode sheets are fed from the front.

High speed, high accuracy,long lifetime to make cutted electrode without burr, to get a good consistency. 

This model has max die dimension with 400*300mm, It is mainly used for producing, if we want smaller size for lab research, please choose the TOB-MQ300 model.


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1. Do you provide samples? 

   Yes, we provide samples for free.

2. How much the transportation freight of samples?

    The freight depends on the weight and packing size and destination from here to your location.

3. How long can I expect to get the sample?

    The samples will be ready for delivery in 3-5 days, The samples will be sent via international express such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX and would be arrived within 3-5 days.

4. What’s the MOQ?

   At least 1 set.

5. What payment method do you accept?

   We accept T/T, Western Union, PayPal, .L/C, D/A, etc. Please do only pay to the official account authorized by CLRD.

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