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Ultrasonic Spot Welding Equipment

Ultrasonic Spot Welding Equipment

1).welding li ion battery cathode
2). electrode sheets aluminum

Ultrasonic Spot Welding equipment

Spot Welding equipment

Spot Welding equipment

1 TOB-USW-24KHZ Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine is an ultrasonic metal welder designed for welding li ion battery cathode electrode sheets aluminum and Al tab onto current collectors to prepare Li-Ion pouch cells in R&D laboratories and production line.

2 The Ultrasonic spot welding machine can also used for Prismatic aluminum shell battery Ni tab welding with Aluminum shell. It can weld for both aluminum shell welding or finished battery tab welding.



Source voltage

110V AC or 240V AC 50/60Hz




One Year limited warranty with lifetime support


Ultrasonic spot welding machine



Working stroke


 Welding time


Control mode

CPU Control

Air supply

≥0.5MPa (≥72.5psi)

Welding ability

1 Prismatic battery Aluminum shell 0.1mm aluminum strip welding with 1-3mm aluminum plate, 

welding area 3*3mm or 3*4mm single point welding,3 * 3 mm double point 8 mm long;

2 Cathode electrode 0.02mm aluminum foil + 0.1m alumin tab 3*25mm or 3*4*25mm welding;

4 Nickel aluminum composite band and the bottom of the aluminum plate or shell two point welding, 

3*3mm 3*4mm welding.

Main accessories

1 Ceramic chip from Germany

2 Aluminum bar from USA

3 Single chip microcomputer from Netherlands

4 Welding head Titanium alloy and 6542 type

Spot Welding equipment

Spot Welding equipment

Spot Welding equipment

Spot Welding equipment


1. How to control quality?

   A, All the raw materials by IQC Incoming Quality Controlbefore launch whole process into the process after the screening.

   B, Process each link in the process of IPQC(Input Process Quality Control)patrol inspection.

   C, After finished by QC full inspection before packing into the next process packing.

   D, OQC before shipment for each slipper to do full inspection.


2. About price

   The price is negotiable. it can be changed according to your quantity or package. when you are making an inquiry, please let us know the quantity you want.


3. How can I install and operate the machine by myself?

   Our system R&D based on integrated development view. when you get the machine, just need to connect it with the electrical power, then machine can be working. because the English software were installed in this machine. what you need to do is only learning the software usage, and the complete English user manual will be coning to you with the machine.

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